The Diet Police

There has been so much going on since my last post.  I have been working on and developing great recipes.  So I will start to post new ones weekly again starting this week.  I may not be consistent with which day they will appear, but I will attempt to get them up no later than Tuesday of each week.

Today, I want to talk about the Diet Police.  I have always found it interesting that when people find out that I am vegetarian, vegan or raw, the first thing they ask is, “how long have you been _____?”  To this day, I still don’t understand the motivation behind this question.  My guess is that they want to know how dedicated I am to the lifestyle.  Or perhaps they are asking to determine whether one can really survive on this lifestyle.  So as a quick recap, I became a vegetarian in 1993.  I’m not sure when I transitioned over to veganism and raw.  But now I live about 85 – 90% raw and love it.  I am actually more healthy now than I have ever been.

Then God forbid if someone sees me eating some cooked food.  They want to call in the Diet Police to arrest me because I am going against my lifestyle.  And they really go nuts when they see me eating seafood.  Yes, you read that right.  I prefer to eat only whole foods that come from the earth.  However, I am not so stringent and uptight that I can’t be realistic.  When I am invited over to someone’s house, I don’t expect them to prepare me a special raw meal.  So I make do or bring some food with me to supplement what they have prepared.  Also, they are times when my only options are seafood.  So I consume it with as many as vegetables and fruits as possible that are available and move on.

What’s my point here.  There are no Diet Police out there that are going to place you in handcuffs and take you away for eating something other than raw food.  Don’t get so caught up in being raw that you forget to have fun and enjoy eating.  If you want to include raw food in your diet for 50% of the time, then do so.  The goal here is to make sure that you are taking in whole foods to improve your health.

I caution you against creating so many rules that you eventually give up on everything.  Enjoy life, enjoy food and enjoy your well being.

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