Sweet Green Juice/Smoothie

At Meatless Monday, when I prepared this juice/smoothie, there was some hesitation because it really is green.  However, after people tried it, they were surprised how good it tastes.  So let me prepare you now.  This recipe has a lot of spinach in it, but you will not taste the spinach at all due to the combination of other ingredients.  If anything, you will really taste the celery which makes the drink refreshing.  If you don;t care for celery that much, then just use half of the stalk.

Treat this recipe as a base or a start to other wonderful creations.  Try adding different fruits.  Or use different greens like kale.  Let your imagine be your guide.

Sweet Green Juice/Smoothie by Chef Joi

This is a great way to get your daily intake of green leafy vegetables.

2 c Spinach

1 c Pineapple, frozen

1 Celery stalk

½ c Filtered Water

4 Dates


Blend all ingredients until smooth.  En-Joi

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