Super Split Banana

On Sunday night after my dinner, I wanted something sweet, but I didn’t want a brownie or cake or anything like that.  So as I often do, I walked in my kitchen and started turning slowly.  During my turn, I was picturing the items in my cupboards and refrigerator and eyeing those that sit on my counters and hang in my basket.  That’s when I spotted a banana.  And voila!  I came up with something quick, easy and satisfying to make.

I enjoyed this Super Split Banana so much that I decided to feature this recipe at my demo on Monday at Sevananda.  Everyone who tasted it was amazed at how well the flavors complimented one another.  One person even said that it was the perfect replacement for a candy bar.  So I hope that you will enjoy this as much as I and the tasters did.

Super Split Banana by Chef Joi

1 Banana, ripe

1 ½ T Cacao Powder

1 T Agave Nectar

¼ t Vanilla Extract

2 t Almond Butter

1 t Maca Powder

1 – 2 T Water


Goji Berries

Whisk together cacao powder, agave nectar, vanilla extract, almond butter, maca powder and 1 T water together.  Add water up to 2T for the desired consistency.

Cut banana lengthwise.  Butt banana halves together along the curves.  Pour chocolate sauce and top with chopped pecans and goji berries.

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