Super Breakfast Cereal by Chef Joi

What a wonderful day at Sevananda today.  I prepared the Super Breakfast Cereal and encountered a lot of doubters.  Now this cereal is very colorful and you would think that with all the colors, all would find it appetizing.  But just the today.  The comment I kept getting was that it looked too healthy.  After a little encouragement, I was able to get everyone but one to try the cereal sample.  Each and every one of them became believers immediately.  Most of them even got a second.  And several went through the store to purchase the ingredients.  I had one lady who came back over to me so I could check her ingredients and verify that she got all the right items.

So enough of that.  The problem I have with most commercial cereals outside of the fact that they are filled with stuff I just don’t know (and usually cannot pronounce) is that they become soggy really fast.  Well that’s not the case with this cereal.  As a matter of fact, you won’t find yourself having to shovel this cereal in your mouth.  You can actually take your time and enjoy because it will be just as crunchy in the end as the beginning.  In addition, this cereal is filled with superfoods, fiber and energy providing ingredients.

So for the recipe:

Super Breakfast Cereal by Chef Joi

2 T Blueberries

2 T Walnuts (about 8 halves)

1 T Pumpkin Seeds

1 T Goji Berries

1 ½ T Raisins

1 Apple, chopped

2 t Flax Seed Meal

Almond Milk

Mix all ingredients except almond milk in a bowl.  Pour the desired amount of almond milk onto your cereal.  Allow your cereal to sit for at least five minutes to allow the flax seed meal to absorb some of the almond milk.  En-Joi.

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