Raw Mashed “Potatoes” by Chef Joi

Sometimes I just crave something soft and creamy.  Well this did the trick.  Although I only prepared the “potaotes,” I ate it with portbella mushrooms which had been marinated.  For those transitioning to raw, this would be your steak and potatoes replacement meal.  However, I think the flavor of this meal is much better than the meated and strached version.

This is a quick and easy recipe to prepare in place of mashed potatoes.  And the good thing is that these mashed
“potatoes” give you the comfort without the starch of potatoes.

Raw Mashed “Potatoes” by Chef Joi

1 Cauliflower Head

½ c Pine Nuts

2 Garlic Cloves

¼ c Lemon Juice

2 T Miso, unpasteurized

½ c Thyme, fresh or 2 ½ T dried

¼ c Olive Oil

Sea Salt to taste

Black Pepper to taste

Break cauliflower into florets.   Place cauliflower, pine nuts, garlic, lemon juice, miso and thyme in a food processor.  Blend until the cauliflower and pine nuts are broken down well.  Add olive oil and blend until smooth.
Since the size of cauliflower heads differ, it may be necessary to add more olive oil if the mixture is not smooth enough.  You want the mixture to look light and fluffy.  Add a little sea salt and pepper.  Blend and taste.  Add more as desired.

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