Raw Food Recipes by Chef Joi

Here you can find some of the latest recipes developed by me, Chef Joi.  It is my hope that you will prepare the recipes as written, taste as you go and then enjoy them.  Afterwards, I encourage you to think about alternatives tot he recipe.  Let your imagine run wild.  Maybe instead of using turmeric in a recipe, you could substitute it for cumin.  Let your taste buds be your guide.  Use these recipes as a basis to get you started.


Appetizer Recipes                                                                        Entree Recipes

Beverage and Smoothie Recipes                                               Salad Recipes

Breakfast Recipes                                                                        Side Dish Recipes

Candy Recipes                                                                             Snack Recipes

Cheese Recipes                                                                            Soup Recipes

Dessert Recipes                                                                           Specialty Treats Recipes

Dips-Dressings-Sauces Recipes