Nutritional Yeast

I love nutritional yeast for several reasons and I am always in supply of it.  Nutritional yeast is a stable in most
raw foodist diets.  Now if you do a little investigation you will find that nutritional yeast is not a raw product.  However, it’s included in the raw food diet because of its nutrients and flavor enhancements.

So let’s start with the benefits of nutritional yeast.  It is

  • Gluten free and low calorie
  • A complete protein from a non-animal source
  • Excellent source of magnesium, copper, manganese and 18 amino acids
  • Low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol
  • Filled with fiber
  • Great source of thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamins B-6 and B-12, folic and pantothenic acids
  • Mineral-rich including iron, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc
  • Produced solely for its nutritional value with no added sugars or preservatives

That should be enough to get you to try nutritional yeast, but I know you want more.   So let’s talk about how it is a flavor enhancer.  It has an incredible “cheesy” taste.  Thus, you will find nutritional yeast in many raw food recipes like cheese, bread, dips, sauces and so on.  Also, I use it to add color to my cheeses and other dishes.  Check out my Raw Unmicrowave Popcorn.
Now for the technical information on nutritional yeast.  First please do not confuse nutritional yeast with Brewer’s Yeast which is used in making alcohol or Baker’s Yeast which is used in bread baking.  Both of these yeasts are still active and have reactions when put in the right environment like sugar.  On the other more nutritious hand, nutritional yeast is no longer active.  Unlike the other two, nutritional yeast does not have the Candida Albicans which makes it perfectly safe for those concerned about Candida.

Just a bit more…nutritional yeast is grown on beet sugar and molasses.  When harvested, it is washed, fermented and dried at a high heat which is necessary to make it free of gluten and yeast-forming properties.  So although the production of nutritional yeast does not follow the “rules” of a raw food diet, it is the one exception made.  Understand that nutritional yeast does not have a sweet taste nor it is a source of any kind of sugar.  It’s just a powerhouse of nutrients.

I believe that you just can’t go wrong adding nutritional yeast to your diet.  You can use it in so many ways or you can simply sprinkle it on your salad, soup, pizza, popcorn or anything else your heart desires.

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