Essential Equipment for the Raw Food Diet

The raw food diet doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started. However, you will want to add more to your kitchen as you expand your experimentation and exploration into the raw food world.  I have selected some of these products for you to explore at the bottom.

The Very Basics~~~
Sharp knives
Cutting Board

Most raw food recipes can be produced with these two items. Well that is, if you have a lot of time for preparation. So let’s keep going to make things easier for you.

A Little Beyond the Basics ~~~

Immersion blender – a handheld immersion blender that can easily be used in glasses and bowls

Countertop blender

Food Processor

Nut Milk Bag

The Intermediate~~~

Mortar and pestle – be sure to select one that does not have smooth surfaces on the inside of the mortar and at the end of the pestle.  The rough surface will allow more even and efficient grinding.

Spiralizer – vertical or horizontal

High speed blender – VitaMix or Blendtec

Juicer – start with a basic centrifugal juicer

A Little Beyond Intermediate~~~

Juicer – masticating juicer which has a gear that grinds the food and juices slowly

Dehydrator – inexpensive brand

Coffee/Seed Grinder – electric

The Advanced~~~

Juicer – triturating juicer which has twin gears.  These produce the most juice which can be stored the longest.  And of course these are the most expensive.

Dehydrator – Excalibur


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