Busy As A Bee

Unfortunately, I did not make it to Meatless Monday yesterday.  Quite frankly, I was tired and needed a break.  On Thursday, April 26 I was a featured chef at the Sevananda Mixer on Thursday night where I prepared my Raw Ginger Miso Dip and Raw Brownie with Strawberry Icing.

Then over the weekend, I was a featured chef in the VIP section of the ALIVE Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center.  Here I prepared my Raw Tacos and a new recipe Raw Peach Cobbler.  Needless to say, I received all types of ohhs and ahhs over the food.  I had to once again encourage, coax and persuade people to try the tacos.  It still amazes me how many people are actually afraid to eat collard greens in their raw state.  And again every person who tried the taco was extremely pleasantly surprised at how good the taco tasted.  So once again I was able to introduce raw food to a new group of people.

My mission and passion is to expose people to the wonderful world of true health.  On that note, I want to remind some and alert others that I will be offering a class at Sevananda on Saturday, May 19 from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m.  in this class, we will prepare and enjoy five raw dishes.  Get more details here, Get Raw With Joi.  To register, go to www.Sevananda.coop.

P.S.  During the ALIVE Expo, I was asked where my restaurant was located or where people could purchase my food.  They showed genuine disappointment when I had to report that neither existed…yet.  Then they would ask me about my book, where they could get it.  And I am happy to announce that my first book, Get Raw with JOI, will be ready for purchase at my class on May 19. So I am working really hard to get everything in order.

Thanks for all of your support.

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