Brown Un-Rice

What a versatile recipe this one is.  You can use it anywhere you would normally use brown rice.  And it’s so much better for your body.

Brown Un-Rice by Chef Joi

4 Servings

2 c Oat Groats

½ c Pumpkin Seeds, Sesame Seeds or Sunflower Seeds (any single seed or combination thereof)

¼ c Flax Seed Meal

1 T Tarragon, dried

1 ½ T Nutritional Yeast

½ Sea Salt

3 T Olive Oil

2 T Amino Acids

First place oat groats in a container and completely cover groats with water at least one inch above the oat groats.  Soak the oat groats for at least eight hours (easiest to let them soak overnight).  Word of warning: make sure your container is twice the size of the amount of oat groats.  While soaking the oat groats expand quite a bit.  Pour soaked oat groats in a strainer and rinse well.  Leave the groats in the strainer to allow the rest of the water to drain.

Process the seeds, flax seed meal, tarragon, nutritional yeast and sea salt into a powder.

Pour the oat groats in a bowl and add the dry seasoning mixture.  Stir well making sure ingredients are well blended.  Add the olive oil and amino acids and mix well.  En-Joi

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