Braised Spinach without the HEAT by Chef Joi

This can be done with any dark leafy green vegetables like kale, collards, mustard and so on.  It is absolutely amazing to watch the process and the result is so good and good for you.  You will have to adjust the amounts of each ingredient used based on the amount of the greens used.  This recipe benefits you in several ways: 1) it can be prepared in less than three minutes; 2) you exercise your hand; 3) you get a great tasting dish with ALL of its nutrients.


1 pound of spinach

2 T olive oil

2 t sea salt

Pour oil and salt over spinach.  Massage until the spinach resembles being braised.  Enjoy.

Substitutions and Additions:

You can season your dish by adding various seasonings.  Try garlic or curry for a really neat twist.

You can change out your oils for different favors.  Try sesame or flax seed oil to give a different favor.

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