About Chef Joi

Chef Joi

Chef Joi Bostic

Joi Bostic was destined to be involved with food.  As a child she studied under her father who was a chef.  Although she never took serious most of what he said, she realized as she got older that he what he said was true.  Joi grew up cooking.  She would experiment with different flavor combinations and discover some amazing dishes.  However, she could never quite replicate them because she would not write them down.  After watching so much preventable illness come into her family, Joi made the decision in 1993 to convert to vegetarianism.  This change presented an entirely new world to her.  She was introduced to new foods and became re-acquainted with others but in totally different ways.  Over time, Joi switched to veganism.  And then the switch to raw.
Though her journey has been long, Joi has evolved into a person of deep awareness and sound confidence.  The title chef was bestowed upon her about a decade ago by a chef in South Carolina.  However, she was not ready to embrace the title though she prepared food with him all the time.  Now Chef Joi can be found preparing food at Sevananda Natural Food Market on Mondays.

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