A Tasty Raw “Popcorn” Treat

I have always enjoyed the taste of popcorn, but it has always become a painful enjoyment.  Why?  Because no matter how
careful I try to be eating it, I would get popcorn stuck between my teeth.  At that point I would cease my indulging right then and there.  The other thing is that over the years, I have become more and more leery about the safety of microwave ovens.

This recipe is too simple for you not prepare each and every time you have a taste for popcorn.  And the beauty is that there is nothing to get stuck in between your teeth and the preparation requires no microwave or other heat source.

Raw Unmicrowave Popcorn by Chef JoiTasty Raw Popcorn

This recipe is all about your taste buds.  There are no measurements because the amount of any ingredients depends on what you like.  I suggest that you start light with each seasoning.  You can always add…quite difficult to take away.

Cauliflower florets

Nutritional Yeast

Sea Salt


Dulse Flakes


Cut the florets off of the cauliflower into small pieces.  In a bag, mix the remaining ingredients based on your taste.  I would
suggest that taste the mix without the dulse flakes.  You may want to scoop a bit of the mix out, add some dulse flakes and taste.  This way you can find out whether your taste buds like the combination.

Drop the cauliflower into the bag and shake well making sure that all of the “popcorn” is covered.  You can enjoy now or allow the “popcorn” to sit for a while for the flavors to absorb.

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