A Quick Update

Many of you reached out to me to find out where I have been.  Sevenanda has established a partnership with another vendor and graciously asked if I would give them the opportunity to meet the Sev community.  So with this time off from doing weekly demonstrations, I have been playing in the kitchen developing new recipes and working on book two.  I plan to return to the public in January.  In the meantime, I encourage you to stay the course with raw food.  If you are still not ready to go completely or mostly raw, then introduce raw dishes into your meals.

I truly believe that with all of the recipes I have posted here and with those in my book, you should have more then enough to keep you busy.  In addition, I am working on developing a webinar series.  So this way those of you who can’t make it to the classes will still be able to attend.

2013 promises to hold great things for me, Tasty Raw Food and Get RAW With JOI.  Stay tuned so you can enough the journey with me.

Happy and Safe Holidays to you all.

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